Welcome to Stay Solution

Welcome to Stay Solution the number 1 holiday rentals website. With more than half a million holiday rentals to choose from around the world, you shouldn‘t have any trouble finding exactly the right place for you to relax, laugh and play with family and friends.

Beginners Guide to using Stay Solution

If you have not used the site before, it really is easy, and by dealing directly with the property owner or their property manager, you can ensure the finest service too.

Step 1 – Search for Your Perfect Holiday Home

Use the search service to find a selection of properties that you are interested in. Full details on specific properties, and forms for contacting the owners are found within the property advert themselves, found by clicking on the thumbnail picture or title listed in the search results pages.

Alternatively, you can simply click on the ‘contact owner‘ tab on the advert. Be sure to include a correct telephone number or email address to ensure owners can contact you.

TIPIt is always a good idea to enquire about a number of properties, giving you a broader choice when it comes to moving onto step two.

Step 2 –Make and Secure Your Booking

Making payments online with Stay Solution is the most secure way to book a holiday rental.

Ask the homeowner or property manager if they accept Stay Solution Payments when booking your holiday rental.

When you receive any payment request email from an owner you can pay securely online with Visa, MasterCard.

Always call the owner prior to making and payments or disclosing your payments details

Step 3 – Before you go

You will be sent a rental agreement by the owner, which ensures that both parties are happy and clear on what is expected – from them for the duration of the stay. This will usually include arrival and departure dates and times, payment schedules, cancellation terms and conditions as well as any other specific policies like those regarding pets. Ensure you read and review the agreement carefully before signing.

Step 4 – After Your Return

Although the exact payment schedule will be included in your rental contract, you will most likely be expected to complete your payment prior to your arrival. To ensure you do not lose any of your deposit, you must ensure that all payments are completed by the dates specified in the written agreement.